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About Us


Who are we and what can we do for you.

We are a company run by dedicated breeders from many different sheep breeds of whom understand the Prime Lamb Industry. Stockscan has developed equipment and software in conjunction with leading industry professionals that provide practical computerised information, with reports and solutions that enhance on farm livestock practices.

Our Services include Stud Ram and Ewe eye muscle scanning, Flock Ram EMA Scanning, Data Processing and Reporting.

Scanning Measurements: (An Ultra sonic rib muscle scanning in live sheep)

Scanning for performance traits in animals has become a significant on-farm measuring tool for over 10 years within the stud industry. Scanners assess sheep at around 8 to 12 months of age for weight, Eye Muscle Width (A), Eye Muscle Depth (B) and Fat measurement (C), which allows us to calculate the Eye Muscle Area (EMA). Eye Muscle Area (EMA) to weight (LW) ratio is also calculated.

Meat Index

The meat index formula is based on the Eye Muscle Width, Depth and Fat measurements. A higher weighting is given to width (A) because it is more heritable while eye muscle depth (B) is influenced by environment factors. Fat (C) is penalized slightly. The resulting number is then adjusted for the age of the sheep, so the index is what the sheep’s index would have been at eight months of age. The index is a way that a group of young sheep with different live weights, eye muscle dimensions and fat depth can be compared from within a breeders own flock. The index is not a figure that should be used to compare with other breeders flocks.

Why Scan

Stockscan’s technology can assist you to accurately identify flock performance animals in many different ways.

By identification through scanning on–farm for conformation of superior flock ewes and better performing flock rams you will:

  • Increase your returns on terminal lambs and replacement ewe’s lambs
  • Correctly identify replacement ewes based on known conformation data
  • Obtain economic gains through higher meat productivity per hectare of pasture
  • Selectively combine known productive traits of both ram and ewe, by measuring their progeny through scanning

Australian StockScan Services P/L client base continues to grow with breeders seeing the importance of measuring Eye Muscle Depth, Width and Fat and most importantly being able to give Total Eye Muscle Area Measurment.

Client feedback has indicated that Stockscan is user friendly, cost efficient and gives accurate informative results. Our data is being very well received by the end users of both Stud and Commercial Prime Lamb Producers of Australia.

Our aim is to provide breeders with measurements that are directly beneficial to the Prime Lamb Industry.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. For all enquires Contact Us.


About Us


We use Stockscan to give us Growth and Fat measurements but most important of all Eye Muscle Area Measurements. All our prime lambs are sold over the hooks and it is most important to have carcase weight and conformation.

Stockscan is a tool to assist you to produce the perfect carcase and allow you to breed lambs that will meet any market specification in the quickest possible time.
Stockscan is the only system that supplies Eye Muscle Area.

Geoff Oliver
Stud Breeder

We have always believed in performance recording and use Stockscan because it is about the individual sheep, what they are! And not what they may be according to complicated mathematical formulas.

Stockscan measures eye muscle area which gives the complete picture, not just a part of it. Since using Stockscan, and selecting for eye muscle area, the hindquarters on our sheep have improved noticeably.

This is a system which gives us meaningful data that we (and our clients) can actually understand and then use to our advantage.

Doug Deppeler Vic
Stud Breeder

The Armdale Studs’ use Stockscan because the figures actually match the rams unlike previous scanning systems we have used.

We like the width measurement provided by Stockscan as this allows our rams to produce a meatier high yielding carcass.

Garry Armstrong
Stud Breeder