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Australian Stockscan Services P/L Brochure

In 1999 Rowan Farmer (Stockscan NZ) was invited by several leading Poll Dorset breeders to scan their sheep. Having worked with eye muscle depth measurements only, these breeders felt it was imperative to also measure eye muscle width and area.

In 2000 these breeders established Australian Stockscan Services P/L and this company contracts Stockscan NZ to carry out scanning services in Australia.

Currently, over 15,000 sheep are scanned throughout Australia each year...

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We use Stockscan to give us Growth and Fat measurements but most important of all Eye Muscle Area Measurements. All our prime lambs are sold over the hooks and it is most important to have carcase weight and conformation.

Stockscan is a tool to assist you to produce the perfect carcase and allow you to breed lambs that will meet any market specification in the quickest possible time.
Stockscan is the only system that supplies Eye Muscle Area.

Geoff Oliver
Stud Breeder

We have always believed in performance recording and use Stockscan because it is about the individual sheep, what they are! And not what they may be according to complicated mathematical formulas.

Stockscan measures eye muscle area which gives the complete picture, not just a part of it. Since using Stockscan, and selecting for eye muscle area, the hindquarters on our sheep have improved noticeably.

This is a system which gives us meaningful data that we (and our clients) can actually understand and then use to our advantage.

Doug Deppeler Vic
Stud Breeder

The Armdale Studs’ use Stockscan because the figures actually match the rams unlike previous scanning systems we have used.

We like the width measurement provided by Stockscan as this allows our rams to produce a meatier high yielding carcass.

Garry Armstrong
Stud Breeder