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Newsletter - January 2015

Another year is in front of us, it certainly doesn’t take long for each year to disappear, so l am afraid to all you farmers out there the time has come to do something that you all enjoy so much Book Work. If you could address this piece of bookwork as soon as you receive this, it might not get lost at the bottom of the pile we all have on our office desks.

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Newsletter - January 2014

I hope everyone survived the Heat wave; some of you may have been on holidays, lucky you if it was by the beach.

I thought it might be helpful to new clients and to refresh the memories of those of you that have been with us for some time about the aims of Australian Stockscan.

We are a breeder run organization, to keep the costs to you, the farmer as low as possible we would appreciate your help with some of these matters.

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Newsletter - January 2013

I hope everyone has started the New Year off well, as l am working on this newsletter the weather bureau are predicting high 40's for a week and I am off to Tassie on a Guide Jamboree from the 6th so let's hope it is a bit cooler there, fingers crossed.

Annual Meeting news: For those of you unable to attend the Annual Meeting in July a change in the fee structure was voted on. There will now be a $50 set up fee for flocks scanning fewer than 100 head, all other charges remain the same. This fee will come into effect as of the 1st of January 2013.

Website: We now have our own website up and running . Newsletters, booking forms, brochures are all on this site and can be downloaded if you require them, the logo will also be able to be downloaded for use in advertising, sale catalogues etc. I encourage you to log on and have a look, if there is something that you think would be helpful to have on the site please let me know. Also we would like some relevant farming photos to jazz up the site if anyone has some, landscapes, sheep I’ll leave it up to you.

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Newsletter - 21st January 2012

It's that time of the year again when we have to start putting things in place for later in the year, such as planning our scanning as time gets away on us very quickly.

As most of you in NSW would be aware Chris has moved on from scanning, and we thank him for the time he was with us. Last year was also Damien’s last year in EMA scanning; some of you will still catch up with him through his Pregnancy testing. We wish them both well with the changes in their lives.

We welcomed Rick Power on board last year. Rick will be scanning mainly in NSW and will commence from mid March. Rowan will be coming out from New Zealand early April 2012 to scan and as you would appreciate Rowan can not stay out indefinitely, so please get those forms in early.

As we have requested before it would be appreciated if you could all return your booking forms ASAP, 20th February at the latest please so that we can organize efficient runs for the scanners, if you’re unsure whether you’re going to scan or when please still send your form with a note for me to give you a ring later.

Information the scanners will need on the day:

  • Average Date of Birth, month & year for each group.
  • How many groups (please mark clearly)
  • If over 50 sheep in a group is a Ram ID (lowest to highest ear tag) sort required.
  • Is a Sire Summary required? if info is not available on the day please let the scanner know.

It is a Stockscan policy that processed data will only be forwarded to clients once payment has been received. Payment can be made by cheque or Direct Deposit to the Bendigo Bank.

BSB 633-000 A/c 139344378 if paying by direct deposit please use your name as a reference.

Any queries please feel free to contact me on the mobile is the best during the day or leave a message on the machine and l will ring you back that night.

Yours Sincerely,

Julie Davey




We use Stockscan to give us Growth and Fat measurements but most important of all Eye Muscle Area Measurements. All our prime lambs are sold over the hooks and it is most important to have carcase weight and conformation.

Stockscan is a tool to assist you to produce the perfect carcase and allow you to breed lambs that will meet any market specification in the quickest possible time.
Stockscan is the only system that supplies Eye Muscle Area.

Geoff Oliver
Stud Breeder

We have always believed in performance recording and use Stockscan because it is about the individual sheep, what they are! And not what they may be according to complicated mathematical formulas.

Stockscan measures eye muscle area which gives the complete picture, not just a part of it. Since using Stockscan, and selecting for eye muscle area, the hindquarters on our sheep have improved noticeably.

This is a system which gives us meaningful data that we (and our clients) can actually understand and then use to our advantage.

Doug Deppeler Vic
Stud Breeder

The Armdale Studs’ use Stockscan because the figures actually match the rams unlike previous scanning systems we have used.

We like the width measurement provided by Stockscan as this allows our rams to produce a meatier high yielding carcass.

Garry Armstrong
Stud Breeder